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 CA Craiglist
I’m not going to bore you with the grimy details of what happened next. In the morning we were bathed in that new lover’s afterglow. After lying in bed debating how to spend our day, at my pool with some drink or DC for a movie. We decided to take a nice romantic walk to CVS and purchase the Plan B pill. Then went to brunch in Dupont Circle at this one spot that’s own by a crazy Russian dude. During brunch I played the laid back alpha dude who just finished beating it up and mostly paid attention to ESPN playing on the flat screen. She played the freshly ravished sex kitten and was pawing away at my biceps and forearms, then rubbing my thigh under the table. After brunch we caught the Circulator to Georgetown to see Super 8. Throughout the day she needed to constantly be touching me or stroking me in some way. She had to have her head on my shoulder, reaching for my hand, legs on my lap. I only reciprocated about 25% of the time. After the movie back to her place, I wanted to take a nap she wanted to watch some shitty movie The Romantics. At her place she kept asking if I was hungry, thirsty, needed anything. She was always accommodating.

Palo Alto

 Dating Responsiveness
From the start assuming that both type of girls are into you. CA girls respond to text and phone calls right away or as soon as they can. I’m not talking hour or the next day to make themselves look like they’re oh so busy like American girls. Again assuming they’re into you they come off less shady. If she says she’s hanging with her girls and it’s a girl’s night that’s what’s up. If she can see you and is free on that night she’ll tell you, if not she’ll suggest another night. There’s less flaking involved. An American girl will tell you to meet her at so and so bar and you’ll show up only to find out there’s five other dudes there holding their dicks in line to see her too. Hell I’ve even heard of some American girls showing up to drink dates with another guy! Bitch please…. REALLY?!?


 Casual Craigslist
I’ve come to the conclusion that American girls have the most sexual hang-ups in the world. Most of the time for them to really enjoy sex they need to be close to blackout wasted or high on some pills. With their body issues and self esteem/daddy issues a majority of them have a hard time getting fully naked during sex, leaving an article of clothing on. I get a sense that they view sex with some sort of guilt or shame especially if they really don’t know the guy because in the back of their heads they’re too concerned with if the guy likes them, or what he really wants (SEX DUH), or if he’ll notice her left nipple is slightly longer than the right (it is… we notice).

Stockton, CA

 CA Latin Girls
A Latin girl on the other hand enjoys sex for what it is, a gift, a chance to enjoy yourself and another person at that moment. They know that this is their one shot to show a guy that she can bring it to the table to really win him over and let him know that when it comes to this one thing right here, you guys are good together. Yeah, turn the lights on, yeah take all her clothes of, of course she can do a hand stand and the splits at the same time. Sure put it in that other hole it’s tighter. Of course you can pinch her nose while she’s giving you head. Why? Because there’s nothing weird about any of it, it’s two people doing whatever it takes to make each other feel great. In the morning there’s no, “I can’t believe I did that last night” or rush to get you out of there so she can forget everything that happened.


 Dating in Public
You can be the stoic alpha and chill. But a Latin girl wants everyone to know you guys are together. Some guys might not like that but they are clingy as shit. Always holding your hand, always demanding quick kisses. But generally the vibe is that she’s happy to be out with you and cool with playing the feminine role. She’s more than willing to pay for shit, no problem. Most American girls just don’t know how to act right most of the times. Expecting the guy to pay for everything, but then acting like they don’t even know the dude. Don’t even get me started on if she has her friends around, all of a sudden an American girl will act like you weren’t just in her walls beating it up like a champ. She get’s bossy or might try to make fun of you in front of her girls, like the bitch got jokes. This short comparison makes me ponder the age old question. Are we gaming because of our environment and the American women we deal with on a daily basis? If you have a girl that’s totally open and isn’t playing games with you is there a need to game her? Also understand there are two stages of game, the game to get a first bang with a chick then game to keep her around. As far as Ms. Argentina is concerned she’s a cool chick, someone I can see hanging with and chill with now and then. But I’ve been sure to not make definite plans for the future. That might be one of the downfalls with South American chicks; they’re quick to want that relationship title. But its summer time and I’m kinda hot right now so that’s not going to happen. Give her that dick but make sure she doesn’t fall in love

Roseville Dating

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